Why Have Your Office Carpet Cleaned Professionally?

Some office managers will rely on their cleaning contractor to vacuum clean their workplace's carpet for them a few times a week. Indeed, some will even undertake this basic maintenance themselves if they have no commercial cleaning contract in place and rely on more casual forms of labour instead. However, vacuum cleaning carpets alone isn't sufficient to maintain them properly. This is particularly so when it comes to office carpets which tend to take more punishment than other types even though they're designed to be hard-wearing. [Read More]

Crucial Benefits of Asbestos Removal Pre-Cleaning

Why would anyone want to clean the work area of an asbestos abatement site? Pre-cleaning makes no sense if an asbestos removal site is covered with asbestos fibres after the exercise. It might be the case for a layperson, but asbestos abatement companies consider pre-cleaning an integral part of the removal process. Unfortunately, most property owners tend to disagree and find pre-cleaning unnecessary and a waste of time. Therefore, property owners need to familiarise themselves with the benefits of asbestos removal pre-cleaning. [Read More]

How to Remove Pet Urine from Your Carpet

Even when you dedicate time to training your pet, there's a chance they may still have little accidents. Whether you have a cat, dog, or another furry critter, pet urine can soon start to smell pungent. Depending on how early you catch the problem, you may need to use a carpet cleaning service. To keep your carpet smelling fresh, here are some tips for removing pet urine. Blot Immediately If you catch your pet in the act or arrive on the scene not long after, blotting it immediately can work wonders. [Read More]

2 Advantages of Steam Cleaning Your Home's Carpets over Shampooing Them

If you have noticed that your carpet is a bit dirty and has even started to smell, you may be thinking about cleaning it. However, after researching a few cleaning methods, you may be uncertain as to which one to use. While shampooing your carpets can get them clean, especially if they are heavily stained, another option you may choose is steam cleaning. There are a couple of advantages to having your home's carpets steam cleaned instead of shampooing them. [Read More]